Develop, produce and market high-quality industrial coatings
performance satisfying the interests of its customers, shareholders,
investors, employees and the well-being of the community, preserving the environment
environment, offering effective conditions of occupational safety and health, in
in accordance with the rules and legislation in force.

To be a reference in the world market in the segment of industrial coatings of
high performance for its quality, capacity for innovation and service

PowerPoxi reinstates its commitment to offer in the industrial market
nationally and internationally, the development and manufacture of solutions
innovative solutions for special coatings and polymers with excellence.
The operations performed by PowerPoxi are guided by the principles of
Quality, Environment and Occupational Health, according to statutory requirements and
regulations, customer requirements and those to which it subscribes applicable to its
activities. Seeking quality in our solutions, supporting and
developing skills in our employees, monitoring the
performance of the management system, thus contributing to the improvement
continuous improvement of its processes and quality management system.
Manage our business in pursuit of development, excellence,
innovation and satisfaction of our Stakeholders is our main objective.

PowerPoxi’s values ​​guide the sustainable development of your
business, these being:
• Focus on people
• Customer focus
• Ethics, Honesty and
• Innovation
• Meritocracy
• Continuous improvement
• Development of
• Sustainability